森住 ゆき 略歴
著書に、画文集「アメイジング・グレイス」、日めくりカレンダー「片隅の花でも」(いのちのことば社刊)。ちぎり絵作品集「思いを伝える 和紙のちぎり絵 春夏秋冬」(日貿出版社)がある。

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Chigiri-e is a type of painting using Washi (handmade Japanese paper).Washi is torn into small pieces by hands without using edge tools  and these small pieces are used to paint pictures.
Washi is a special type of paper made with traditional Japanese techniques from some plants growing naturally in fields and mountains of Japan.              
 Such techniques were developed 1400 years ago.Washi has a wide variety of textures ranging from tough and thick to soft and transparent like lace and organdy.
It is dyed into very attractive colors, which only Japanese with refined sensitivities can create.
Deeply touched and moved by the beauty of Washi, I started Chigiri-e.  The special quality of Washi .has helped me greatly to continue my painting activities to this day. Every time I tear Washi slowly with my fingers, soft and beautiful fibers appear on its cut end.
I cannot but feel Washi is grasses and trees themselves growing in this beautiful country of Japan.
Please enjoy yourself here.
Thank you and God bless you all.
 Born in Kiryu-City, Gunma Prefecture. Became a Chigiri-e artist from a graphic designer at the age of 30.Received an award given to budding writers from Kaisei Publishing Co. in 1984.Won a Gunma Prefecture Literature Prize in the Division of Juvenile Literature.Baptized at Maebashi Christ Church (Japan Evangelical Church Association) in 1987.
Now paints Chigiri-e for covers of some monthly magazines and books, designs paper products and writes essays.
Published a book Amazing Grace, Chigir-e and essays, from Word of Life Press.